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Our Mission

Time To Stop The Pain's goal is to advance the discussion of proper applications of Natural Earth Mgnetic and Ion Therapy to advance legitimate scientific research as an interactive and collaborative educational project examining the subject of magnetic influences in alternative health care & wellness.

Time To Stop The Pain seeks to catalyze new ideas in healthcare. We are committed to advancing science with expanded research methods, linking experts across disciplines to generate new ideas, mentoring the leaders of today and tomorrow, exploring new models of health, and discovering fresh ways to engage the public in its pursuit of health.
Guiding Principles

We recognize innovation may come from unexpected places. We value originality, creativity, transparency, and collegiality and support people with bright ideas who have a proven track record. We are not interested in supporting the status quo or taking incremental steps. We do not support projects that fall under the auspices of conventional funding sources. We create an environment where contemplation and mindful interaction are integral to our discussions and decision-making process.


The vision for the Time To Stop The Pain is to optimize people’s health and well-being and shift the healthcare system from its predominant focus on managing disease to a focus on promoting health across the lifespan.

Time To Stop The Pain created a forum on health for people looking for information that will hopefully result in your investigating further on your own answers and solutions that satisfy you. Is it time for you to go beyond the limits of conventional medical advice and seek solutions as to the root cause of your health issues? That is a challenge that is left up to you. The journey back to health is quite often much less challenging than having to face the decision to change a lifestyle that will produce better health.

Make no mistake, there is no substitute for competent western medical advice. Conventional health theory regarding chronic issues is simply different in its basis and approach than more natural based methods and theories that have been used for thousands of years.

Make use of the information in Time To Stop The Pain`s growing library of full spectrum information and resources that may spawn for you, a "New Thought" approach platform from which you can formulate the questions you want satisfactory answers to. We look forward to your questions and hearing about your successes

You can buy with confidence that your investment will provide you with years of therapeutic value and benefits.

Investing in your health is the best investment you can make with the greatest return - Life and Health.
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