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"I tell everybody about these wonderful magnets.

I have a great source of strength and pain relief now to fall back on when there are days I just can't get started.

I still wear it around my ankle at night!

It has really gotten me back into health and was a major turning point for me. I eat an almost raw vegan diet so it is important for me to stay in balance.

I have been thrilled with the fact that I don't get sick anymore and my ability to digest meats and dairy is back so I can indulge a little bit without problems.

It is so nice to have something like this bracelet that can bring strength back into my life and get me to eat better to improve on that strength! SOOOO great!"

~ Quinn

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Natural Earth Magnetic Ion Gemstones

Natural Earth Ion Magnetic Therapy - Add Natural Earth Ion Gemstones - Any Proof?

Natural Healing Negative Magnetic Ion Gemstones

Natural Earth Ion Magnetic Therapy vs. Pills

Natural Earth Ion Therapy is the hottest trend among professional athletes. But the idea of using Natural Earth magnetic fields to increase blood circulation in injured tissue and encourage healing by stimulating the nervous system goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece and Egypt (before artificial magnets were developed). I wonder if the original Olympic athletes might have used Natural Earth magnets (artificial magnets were yet to be developed).

For many pain sufferers, the best news of all is that magnets could eliminate the need for pain medication, and that could save consumers $1000s a year. Dr. Ronald Lawrence, clinical professor of medicine at UCLA, estimates that the effectiveness rate of therapeutic magnets for pain relief is 85 percent, considerably higher than for any drug.

Natural Earth Ion Therapy provides much more than pain relief unlike artificial magnets that are limited to just pain relief. Our Natural Earth Ion Therapeutic Body Wear has provided 1000s of customers relief from:
  • Tendonitis
  • Wrist Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Reduce Pain
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Overuse Syndrome
  • Accelerate Healing
  • Improve Circulation
The great news is Natural Earth Ion Therapy is free of side effects, a claim that cannot be made for many pain-relievers.

Some of these medications create serious stomach problems and other ailments, and others cause additional cartilage deterioration when used to treat arthritis, resulting in even more pain. Although magnets are very safe and side-effect free, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, use an insulin pump or drug patch, or have a fresh wound, magnets are not recommended, since their effect on these situations isn't yet known.


Natural Earth Ion Therapy is believed to work with our body's energy while supplying additional natural earth energies to the body helping to regulate and balance the flow of energy throughout our body. Proper energy balance helps to alleviate discomfort, speedy recovery and counteracts fatigue. Athletes find that they have more stamina and recover faster from intense physical activity.

Further benefits of Natural Earth Ion Therapy are more relaxed muscles leading to less stress and a greater range of motion that can be of great benefit to an athlete or the normal person.

  • Neutralize the static energy from television, computer monitor or cellular phone.
  • Help to recovery from sports fatigue and relax tense muscles.
  • Improves concentration and focus on things.
  • Strengthen body's immune system.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Reduced body discomfort.
This Is Why We Can Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The above benefits are just a small list of the benefits you can experience with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Over the past decade we have helped 1000s of people experience greater wellbeing because our products are designed using Natural Earth Ion Therapeutic grade material.

There is an incredible difference between "Magnetic Jewelry" and "Natural Earth Ion Therapy" and we offer the best of Natural Earth Ion Therapy for your complete satisfaction, or we refund your purchase without question. You have no risk when purchasing your Natural Earth Ion Therapy from our company and authorized dealers and resellers.

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