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Learn how to use Natural Earth Ion Therapy for over 120 Ailments from headaches to more energy, to improved sleeping habits that allow your body to achieve the deep healing sleep to heal the body, and much more. Enroll today, there is no cost or obligation.
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Neck Wraps

Wearing a Natural Earth Ion Neck Wrap provides incredible relief from shoulder, back, arm pain, and helps relief headaches, and is an incredible form of pain therapy.

When supplemented with an Body Set, the combination provides additional healing energy provide by the Natural Earth Ion Therapy.

The bonus of a Neck Wrap is it can be also used as a Wrist and Ankle Wrap that can be used at night as an ankle wrap while sleeping to promote a deeper and healing sleep.

In the current era of rapid scientific progress, many concepts which were once "scientific truths" as recently as 20 years ago are no longer tenable. But of all the discoveries, none is more important than the theory of the human energy field.

In a very short time, scientists have revisited their thinking from denial of the existence of energy fields to absolute certainty that they exist. This revelation has worked its way into scientific investigation in bio-medical research.

As a result, medical interest has begun to focus on the magnetic fields around the body, referred to as bio-magnetic fields. This is beginning to be understood as perhaps the main catalyst of human energy and health.
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