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Learn how to use Natural Earth Ion Therapy for over 120 Ailments from headaches to more energy, to improved sleeping habits that allow your body to achieve the deep healing sleep to heal the body, and much more. Enroll today, there is no cost or obligation.

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Mark Coussoule
Ion Health Radio Host
Author & Health Advocate
Certified Health Planner
Lead Content Researcher

Clay Page
Certified Health Planner
Ion Health Radio Host

Liane Page
Certified Health Planner
Artisian - Designer
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There's nothing more exciting than meeting with people who share the same desire - how to live longer and healthier - and that is what our weekly online group meeting is all about - entertaining, educational without the stress, and insightful!

Time To Stop The Pain is an interactive and collaborative educational project examining the subject of alternative health care & wellness and endeavors to bring forth new thought, simple and sensible resources and solutions to people which can be used to establish a healthier more enjoyable lifestyle.

What Is "New Thought" In Health and Wellness?

Acknowledging thousands of years of practices, and creating an integrative approach while combining the best of conventional western style medicine along with the successes of ancient traditional methods is a solution for a growing number of people.

Time To Stop The Pain's "New Thought" revolution provides a look at our health from a "New Thought" perspective steeped in tradition and successes of our past as a people, successes in health and overall wellbeing. It was and is an approach utilizing the elements in nature to help the body heal in every way.

Invest in you health today and join our fun-packed 30 minute group meeting, and we bet you'll become a lifetime participant as 1000s have since 2002.

Pearls Of Wisdom Shared

Introducing Dr. Margo King, PhD, BS, MDS, DN. Dr. King specializes in Naturology, which seeks to focus on healing by getting to the “root cause” of the problem, rather than suppressing the symptoms. Dr. King’s approach to your health and well-being recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Dr. King is Board Certified by The American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA) Cert #1222511, and is a Practitioner Member of the American Holistic Health Association. Meet Dr. King, converse, enjoy, and discover a refreshing approach to healing naturally.

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Every Wedneday at 8 PM (EST).
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