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"I tell everybody about these wonderful magnets.

I have a great source of strength and pain relief now to fall back on when there are days I just can't get started.

I still wear it around my ankle at night!

It has really gotten me back into health and was a major turning point for me. I eat an almost raw vegan diet so it is important for me to stay in balance.

I have been thrilled with the fact that I don't get sick anymore and my ability to digest meats and dairy is back so I can indulge a little bit without problems.

It is so nice to have something like this bracelet that can bring strength back into my life and get me to eat better to improve on that strength! SOOOO great!"

~ Quinn

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Is Natural Earth Ion Therapy Safe?


Magnetic therapy is a natural and safe way to address a wide variety of ailments. It is 100% safe, drug free, and has no side effects.

Many health professionals, professional sports trainers, and pro golfers are now using magnetic jewelry bracelets to help treat sports related injuries, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis, tendonitis, and other body aches and pains.

It should be noted that magnets do not heal or cure ailments but rather treat the symptoms of an ailment or the pain associated with an ailment. Specifically, the magnetic energy field that they create boosts the body's natural healing process, creates the optimum healing environment, and provides the body with the necessary components to naturally heal itself as it was meant to do.

In the recent past new scientific studies with infrared equipment show that magnets have the ability to improve blood circulation. This allows the blood vessels to widen and blood flow to increase.

Increased circulation oxygenates the blood, brings in nutrients, flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation and swelling in the damaged/infected/bruised area, and provides an overall sense of well being.

Magnetic energy produces the following effects on the body:
  • It helps to relieve pain. There is no such thing as pain if it does not reach the brain. The pain impulse is transmitted to the brain via the flow of positively charged magnetic particles called ions. By placing a powerful negative magnetic field over the nerve, the magnetically positively charged ions are attracted to the negative closed field. The flow of positively charged ions along the nerves to the brain is thus impeded. The longer the negative magnetic field is present, the more effective it becomes in alleviating pain.

  • The energy of the magnet acts to create an alkaline versus acidic environment. An acidic PH is typically associated with pain and inflammation. The negative North Pole energy helps to balance the PH and thus helps to reduce these symptoms.

  • The energy has a magnetic field that can attract calcium ions to speed the healing of a broken bone or to help move calcium deposits away from painful arthritic joints.

  • Helps your immune system. Microorganisms and Parasites are positive energy driven. The application of magnetic energy acts to stun or retard their development. The increase in oxygen in the cells and the Alkaline environment produced by the magnetic field created by the magnet further impedes their progression.

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