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Learn how to use Natural Earth Ion Therapy for over 120 Ailments from headaches to more energy, to improved sleeping habits that allow your body to achieve the deep healing sleep to heal the body, and much more. Enroll today, there is no cost or obligation.

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It Works On My Pain!
It Is Beyond Unbeliveable!
Unique and Stylish
I Don't Leave Home Without it
It Works! I Don't Know How!
The Best Gift I Gave Myself.
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It Changed My Life!
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Handcrafted With the Best

Each item is handcrafted here in the USA and we use only the finest materials and fittings and fully guarantee each piece's workmanship is an awe-inspiring design to capture your personality. We offer handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and body wraps that are more than just practical, they are incredibly stunning and alluring.

Our goal and creativity in designing a collection of Natural Earth Ion Therapeutic Jewelry must be beyond unique, inspiring, and breath taking, it must be an art of passionate creation that promotes greater health and wellbeing along with fashion for the decerning customer.

Each piece is individually handcrafted using precious and semi-precious gemstones; some include 14K yellow gold or silver design elements. By incorporating garnet, tourmaline, peridot, citrine, amethyst, and freshwater pearls into our designs, we create a distinctive combinations of color and texture in our contemporary jewelry collection.

The gemstones and / or crytals that we incorporated into our designs are Grade A and inspected for clarity and flawlessness to create a masterpiece that promotes both beauty and therapeutic value.

We use an eight (8) strand coated stainless steel line instead of the industry standard of fishing line. We do not spare any cost in creating a masterpiece for our customers. That is one of the many reason our repeat business is incredibly high.

We use real Gold and Silver for our spacers when used.

You'll be overjoyed by the craftsmanship of our handcrafted beaded jewelry which we design exculsive for Time To Stop The Pain. We offer our customers an impressive variety of one of a kind distinctive jewelry and limited edition pieces. You now have an option to mass produced jewelry.

Our stunning pieces of handcrafted jewelry can do wonders for your wardrobe and your self-confidence, and a look that is wonderfully fashionable and incredibly You!

We welcome commissions for custom wedding beaded necklaces that highlights your personality with an elegant and bold look. We will customize your handmade beaded jewelry to fit you whether you’re petite or full-figured. Explore our designs of handmade beaded Natural Earth Ion jewelry designed with gemstones, Swarovski crystals, lampwork and Murano glass beads, and cultured pearls, every design a visual delight. If you are looking for style and beauty that is bold and unique, our masterpieces are for the decerning buyer who demands quality and perfection.

Invest in quality, invest with us for complete satisfaction, and you'll become a lifetime customer as 1000s have since 2002.

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